Our strategically located production plants are close to major road, rail and port networks.

Our Gurney Slade plant in Somerset specialises in milling limestone, marble and dolomite to customer specifications and operates to meet all of their relevant standards.  The plant is equipped with classifiers to produce high quality powders for concrete and asphalt, as well as super-fine powders for paint, plastics and pharmaceutical products. We process and dispatch over 70,000 tonnes of products every year from our Gurney Slade site. 

Our Runcorn site in Cheshire is located dockside and near to the Northwest's major road networks. At Runcorn we manufacture the two products we supply to the agriculture industry; Calcifert granulated lime and Calcifert S granulated calcium sulphate. Runcorn also specialises in milled and un-milled anhydrite (Andricite) for the construction industry and anhydrite binder for the flooring industry. We have the capability to mill, fine mill and blend a range of minerals and bag products to meet customer requirements. We process and dispatch over 150,000 tonnes of products every year from our Runcorn site.  

At our Wicken quarry in Cambridgeshire we extract soft limestone and mill it to customer specification.

Our Cumbrian operation in Shap, mills limestone for asphalt filler. 

At the Scunthorpe GGBS site in Lincolnshire we produce over 500,000 tonnes per annum of environmentally friendly cement.  

Storage at our five main locations is supplemented with a national network of remote storage silos, which provide an additional capacity of 15,000 tonnes.

Contact details for all our sites can be found below.

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Francis Flower
The White House
Gurney Slade

T: 01749 841146
Francis Flower (Northern)
& The Fertilizer Company
Percival Lane

T: 0800 6226023
Francis Flower (Northern)
Brigg Road
North Lincolnshire
DN16 1AW

T: 0800 2229111
Francis Flower (Eastern)
Dimmocks Cote Quarry

T: 01353 720726
Francis Flower
Contract Milling
Gurney Slade

T: 01749 841500
Our Accreditations
Our Accreditations
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